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Full HD Wearable Camera


Full HD Wearable Camera

A compact wearable camera for professional use, Dustproof/Waterproof IP67, Guaranteed operation under 50℃ (*)
Xacti's leading-edge image stabilizer; "X-STBL-ZER" provides stable images not affected by the shaking or inclination of the worker/photographer even without mechanical components/accessories.

*Wind speed 1m/s or more conditions.

Application scenes/ Use scenes

Xacti's wearable camera CX-WE100 can be utilized in various scenes, such as construction site or inspection site at high-places, railway or bridge inspection, remote work support for construction sites, or for security use, etc.

  • A compact waterproof/dustproof wearable camera, suitable for recording the field work at high, dark, or limitted spaces.
  • With real-time video distribution, it supports maintenance and inspection work remotely.
  • With Xacti's original image correction technology, "X-STBL-ZER", it provides smooth image without blur. Enabling stress-free monitoring.

ON / OFF comparison of X-STBL-ZER

What is X-STBL-ZER…

X Stabilizer
It analyzes and computes the wide-angle video and state (posture) of the camera using Xacti's original algorithm, and detects and corrects complex and large image fluctuations with high accuracy. It has High-precision image stabilization technology that electronically realizes stable and distortion-free images. Wearable cameras equipped with our ISP engine having X-STBL-ZER function, always keep the video output horizontally-stable by detecting the direction of gravity as well as correctiong large and complex blur in 360 ° rotation, 30 °pitch, and 30 °yaw.
By this electronic image blur correction, it became capable to downsize the hardware to realize smaller and lighter wearable camera. Especially, it reduces the burden on people using wearable cameras for business use. At the same time, it is possible to solve the decrease of visibility due to the shaking of the video, stress caused by visually induced motion sickness of the monitoring staff, and the deterioration of work efficiency, etc. at once.
In addition, by utilizing the camera output acheived by the powerful image stabilization to image recognition systems or image processing applications including AI, the accuracy and speed of image processing and recognition could be greately improved.


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